Restaurant Marina


The only constant of our menu is that it continuously changes and always relies on fresh ingredients from the Adriatic Sea. Since the offer changes, depending on the season, on weather conditions, on the relationship between the fishermen and the sea and on our inspiration, menus are never defined in advance. We are aware that it might sound risky to come to a restaurant without knowing what you are going to eat but we believe that is where the beauty and honesty of our offer comes from.


Degustation menu of 4 or 6 courses. Desserts can be chosen from our daily offer.

4 courses - 520 kn
6 courses - 680 kn

Lunch is served from 12 till 3 pm (kitchen open till 2 pm)

Closed on Tuesdays


Degustation menu from 6 or 8 courses. Desserts can be chosen from our daily offer.

6 courses - 680 kn
8 courses - 810 kn

Dinner is served from 7 till 11 pm (kitchen open till 9 pm)

Closed on Tuesdays

We are inspired by the daily catch of local fishermen
and the seasonality of Mediterranean ingredients.