Restaurant Marina

About us

‘We’ in our case means Marina, chef and Davor, sommelier. When we decided to start a restaurant together we had no idea what kind of marvelous and dynamic adventure we were embarking on. Tourism, gastronomy, tradition of fishing, olive growing and winemaking are so specific for our peninsula Istra and mark our life from early age. The knowledge and the experience we soak up every day finally turn into a business that fulfills and stimulates us to improve, to explore the boundaries of our creativity and accuracy, to learn.

Nowadays, after nearly a decade since we started, we are more determined than ever to continue in our uncompromised approach defined by the availability of fresh ingredients from the Adriatic Sea, combined with the daily inspiration of the chef and the sommelier, without having previously defined our menu.

"All our meals are made exclusively of ingredients coming from the Adriatic Sea. The thing is that I never think out in advance what to cook and do not believe having a prepared menu is a good thing. Our offer depends on the season, on weather conditions, on the relationship between the sea and the fishermen, on my mood. I cannot make any promises about choices of food, as I often surprise myself too. But I can promise a constant in quality and in my desire that the food I put in front of my clients becomes every day better."

Marina Gaši, Chef

"The experience can always be rounded off by tasting some wines from our territory or the ones nearby."

Davor Buršić, Sommelier

Our daily menu is defined by the availability of fresh ingredients from the Adriatic Sea and by our inspiration.